On the left is the Sofya Museum which is actually an old mosque which has been converted into a museum.  We paid 1,000,000 pounds for a guided tour by a very nice old gentleman.  (2.5 dollars)
This is a must and is located right near Topkapi and other top sights.
It's hard to describe this scene, but it's very typical of Istanbul and only after you've experienced such a "mob scene" can you really appreciate Istanbul. This is in the area near the Galata bridge, the spice market and the boat docks.  It's an open air market including all kinds of goods, blaring music, smoking food, and a mass of humanity.

It's my favorite shot of Istanbul! 

And...this is Alisa's favorite shot of Istanbul.  She loved the fish market, the beautiful way they arranged the fish, and the way they watered them with a hose every few minutes.  Here she is picking a fish out for dinner. She dragged the restauranteur over to the fishmonger and picked out the fish  she wanted to be sure it would be fresh!! 
And of course you can't visit Istanbul without visiting Topkapi.  It's a collection of historical buildings, and palaces set in beautiful gardens.

It's very impressive.

This is one of the better pictures from this trip.  It's a view inside the Topkapi grounds.
This is the view of the Bosphorus from the Topkapi grounds. 

That's the Bosphorus bridge in the background.

Here are two views from the Princess Islands. Beautiful, quiet, bucolic, relaxing, enchanting are all appropriate words to describe them.
These pictures are on Buyacuda, the biggest of the islands.
And, as I said, everybody in Turkey is a millionaire!!!